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Baby Rose

Singer & Songwriter

Her debut EP was written and recorded at the Atlanta Studio in 2019.

On her creative growth:

“The creation of To Myself was beautiful chaos. I was learning true autonomy, shedding the old and coming into the new. I had my friends at my side and my new team and we all believed in the bigger picture. I created with fresh wounds from a breakup and the music just poured out. I learned to trust my first instinct in those times and truly stand by what I sing.”I was grateful to have an opportunity to create for 8 hours with full freedom, and no attachments on the outcome. It felt like a beautiful release of all of my pent up energy into the music. I started to trust myself recording over my own beats too."

On recording in the Spotify Atlanta Studio:


“Be free. Don't use the time [in the studio] to be serious and overthink a strategy on how this record is going to climb the charts and break through. Go in and let go of all things you think you should be, and do what you feel. It will be hard and beautiful overall.”