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Songwriter & Producer

As well as penning hit records for artists including JoJo, Britney Spears and Niall Horan, RuthAnne is also a successful artist in her own right. She attended Spotify's Most Beautiful Songs In The Word sessions in 2019.

On writing with other artists

When I write with other artists I really become almost a therapist. I love just making the artist feel as comfortable as possible, having the conversations that spark concepts and help them tell their story in the most universal way so it can connect with as many people as possible whilst making sure it’s true to their vision and style/genre. When I write for other artists I’m always trying to make songs that will really connect with people all around the world and have a lasting impact. I feel so grateful for the artists I’ve got to write with and love getting to be a part of so many different styles of music.

On making waves as a producer

I remember when I worked with Red One back when I was 18yrs old. We had written a song together & I started talking about string sounds I could hear and drum ideas and he turned to me and smiled and said ‘you’re a good producer’ I didn’t even know that what I was suggesting was production so over the next few years as a topline writer I was fortunate to be in rooms with some of the best producers in the world and I just watched them as we worked and I really got to see first hand what makes a good producer and what makes a great producer and from there I started getting more and more into it. I guess in such a male dominated production world it’s hard as a female creative to feel as confident in that area. It’s really taken me years to develop my production skills fully & feel confident as a co-producer and sole producer but over the last few years through my own artist music & through the collective I founded and produced ‘Irish Women in Harmony’ I finally feel like I’m really getting to show my strengths as a producer and I think more female creatives need to have confidence in their production abilities & not be afraid to take the reins and believe in themselves as producers.

On attending the Spotify 'Most Beautiful Songs In The World' camp 

I absolutely loved this writing camp. Because i felt really free to write just the most beautiful meaningful music with so many amazing writers and producers at the camp. One of these songs is actually gonna be my next single as an artist called ‘F.L.Y’ and I’m really excited for its release. Spotify camps are always curated amazingly. I always feel the talent at the camps is unreal and it’s a great way to connect with other creatives and create and find new collaborators.

On her Written By playlist

It’s amazing to have a page full of the songs I have co-written and got to be a part of. As a writer we are always writing and writing and this page is an amazing thing to have to look back at the songs that have made their mark on the world and achieved so much and have connected with people. And great for people to be able to see my work and be able to listen to all the songs one after another.