Next day global analytics, built for publishing.

Spotify for Publishing is Spotify’s first analytics portal built specifically for publishers, providing deep insights on both a composition and catalogue level. Since launch in late 2017, publishers around the world have been utilizing the product to better visualize and understand their data. 

The analytics tool uses publisher-provided data to offer a visual representation of a publisher’s catalog. It’s available to all publishers that can export their catalog data as CWR (Common Works Registration) files. The reflection of this publisher-provided data is then aggregated on both the song and recording level. 

Publishers are able to see next day global analytics, including songwriter-specific overviews, with global and territory-specific streaming stats, playlist info, listener demographics and other publisher-specific tools, with exportable reports available throughout.

With data provided in Spotify for Publishing we also power our Songwriter Pages.

Here’s how it benefits all facets of a publishing company:

1. Admin & Income Tracking

Spotify for Publishing offers suggestions to help publishers discover tracks that are likely to be associated with their work data. ISRCs are displayed throughout, and exports of full catalog ISRCs are available, so publishers can better keep track of the recordings of their works, and improve the information they're able to share with collection societies worldwide.

2. A&R

A&Rs can measure the impact of a particular release and the overall performance on both the work level and for specific recordings, which they can communicate to their writers and leverage targeted streaming data when pitching for co-writes/camps and to support deal decisions.

3. Marketing & Sync

Understanding the basic demographics around which listeners are embracing particular recordings increases in value the more recordings there are. Sync teams can take advantage of this information to pitch the particular recording of your work that most appropriately appeals to the demographic a brand, agency or music supervisor is looking for.

Access Spotify for Publishing

If you’re a music publisher and are interested in seeing analytics on your works, you can request access here. There is no cost to sign up for this tool.

Please note that at this time, Spotify can only grant access to publishers who can provide details of the works they represent in CWR format.

Information about CISAC’s CWR (Common Works Registration) is available here. These catalog management tools are able to export your works as CWRs:

Note: Spotify for Publishing was formerly known as Spotify Publishing Analytics.