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Intro to Song Start

Ali Tamposi and Tamar Kaprelian

Introducing a new video and podcast series focused on songwriting, production, music, and mindset, from the multi-platinum songwriter Tamposi and songwriter-activist Kaprelian.

Welcome to Song Start! We are so excited to share this content with you. Song Start aims to be a jumping off point — a free, high-quality, intentional resource for aspiring songwriters, producers, artists, and people who just love music. 

We decided to start this project and team up with Noteable by Spotify for Artists because we saw a genuine need for it: one place where creatives could go to learn, to be inspired, to be entertained. A resource that pulls back the veil on the creative process. 

As you navigate the content, you will notice that it is part video and part podcast. While both are meant to be consumed together, there’s no right or wrong way to interact with what we’ve created! We’ve segmented the content into four main categories: songwriting, production, music business, and music & mindset. 

We also have written materials, glossaries, prompts, and demonstrations that dive deeper into certain topics that we felt needed more explanation. 

If you enjoy what you watch and listen to, please share and post about the parts that resonate with you the most. You can reach us on Twitter @Noteable and on Instagram @Noteable and @SongStart.

With gratitude,

Tamar Kaprelian and Ali Tamposi 

Dive into Song Start here